Muff Issue #2: Body DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


MUFF #2 is a wild collective diary of having a body. We celebrate mutation, process the body's surprises, hack the mind/body/internet connection, and have astral sex with intuitive healers. In this issue, when we navel-gaze, we see our belly-buttons as portals to an infinite regression of mothers. We ask our bodies to be snatched and shine flashlights on the ghosts in our peripheral vision. We let ourselves get dirty, if only to feed the bacteria that outnumber our cells.

~ DIY ramen bath ~ Romance with your plants
~ Cerebral palsy & BDSM ~ Sex & e-commerce
~ Wizard Apprentice on simulation ~ Self-Care & The Sims
~ Bluetooth intimacy ~ Karmic acne

Featuring the work of 28 contributors from 5 countries:
Michele Bisaillon, Daniela Bologna, Eleanor Bray, Julia Bray, Carla Escareño, Indigo Free, Ellen Freeman, Laura Gilroy, Tara Kenny, Bobby Larson, Joyce Lee, Jennifer Lincoln, RK Lorde, Mark McCloughan, Chelsea Murphy, Daniela Natale, Valeri Novalianto, Julia Serena Ready, Rien Rosenheim, Hannah Schulman, Nicole Servin, Christian Something, Shoshana Son, Puja Tolton, Sharada Tolton, Malaya Tuyay, Andrea Villalón, & Wizard Apprentice.

76 digital pages. NO ADS.

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